Kelly Tobenski, Director



Kelly graduated from Illinois State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in music education (BME). In 2010 she received her Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychology (MS) from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received her teaching certification in special education. Kelly obtained her BCBA in 2013 after completing coursework at the Florida Institute of Technology. Kelly holds a certificate in Organizational Behavior Management from Florida Tech.

Kelly has previously worked in the area of special recreation, serving clients with various disabilities ranging from age 3-99 as a summer camp director and program leader. She was previously employed by the public schools as a Behavior & Autism Specialist. Kelly also worked in the charter school system as the Director of Behavioral Supports for the Nashville Academy of Computer Science.

“I attribute my passion for continuing education and working with individuals with disabilities to my dear friend and mentor, Sharon Woolf, who unexpectedly passed away in January of 2012. I adore every single one of my learners and their families; I have absolutely no idea what I would be doing if this field didn’t exist, but I would hope that it would involve working directly with individuals with disabilities.

I strive to be better every day – I love learning about new techniques and observing professionals who do things differently than I may do them. I believe that honesty and feedback are crucial to making me the best provider possible for the wonderful individuals that I work for.”

In her free time Kelly enjoys cuddling with her dogs Reggie & Bella and watching movies with her husband, Denton.

Jessica Bradford, Director of Early Learning


Jessica holds her Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction in ABA, with 7 years of experience working with children with disabilities in public school, clinic, and in home settings. Jessica is currently pursuing her BCBA certification. Her two passions are working with learners and families within their homes, as well as guiding them within the educational setting.

“I instantly fell in love with this field once I saw the impact I could make in a child’s life.

I love the impact the teams can make in my learners’ lives, as well as their families. My favorite part is being able to see the progress and skills being learned that can assist learners function in their everyday lives.”

Jessica loves spending time with her husband and daughter. Her favorite thing to do with them is go on adventures and create fun crafts.

Craig McDonough, Director of Learner Supports


Craig grew up in Manchester, TN but currently lives in Nashville. He worked in customer service throughout his high school and college careers. Once he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Family Studies, he began work at the Woolf Center.

“I chose to get my degree in Child Development after volunteering regularly in a children’s hospital. I knew that I wanted to be an active component in helping children reach their full potential. After graduating, I was unsure exactly which direction I wanted to go in with my degree, and after recommendations from my sister (Holly), I decided to give behavior therapy a try and haven’t looked back since.” Craig hopes to continue furthering his education in the field of ABA in the future.

In his free time, Craig enjoys playing games (both board and video) hanging out with his wife, Sarah, playing with his dogs, Potter and Griffin, and cooking. On any given Saturday or Sunday, you can find him rooting for a Tennessee football victory.

Abby Website

Abby Pollock

Abby has been working with individuals with ASD since 2007 in a variety of settings including center-based teaching, in home, and in schools. Abby graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2006 and her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2009 from Middle Tennessee State University. She holds her LPC-MHSP as a licensed counselor.

“I chose the field of ABA because there was an evidence based treatment with real data to look over and actually see people meet their goals! After seeing how effective ABA could be for individuals with ASD that I knew personally, I knew I had to learn more about it.

There is no better feeling than seeing a learner have the ‘aha!’ moment – something just clicks and is working for them. Helping families find a way to connect and engage with their loved one is rewarding. To see someone gain independence and to see one’s self confidence increase is one of my favorite parts of being in the field.”

In her free time Abby enjoys cuddling with her dog Scout, reading for fun and educational purposes, trying new recipes, going to concerts/seeing live music.

kathryn temple

Kathryn Schagren, RBT

Kathryn is a native of Murfreesboro, TN. She holds her Masters in Special Education, Mild to Moderately Disabled. She previously worked as an Autism Specialist in the public school system, and has been working in schools, homes, and center-based environments since 2011.

“Working with learners one on one has always drawn me to the field of behavior analysis. Seeing the change in lifestyle learners can have when taught independent tasks or skills is a wonderful thing to be apart of and celebrate with families. We are there every step of the way for small and big victories alike! Generalizing skills learned in schools and with other specialists creates a great community approach to help our learners succeed not just in their home but in everyday life. The job is different day to day, learner to learner, minute to minute, and keeping work engaging and mentally stimulating is something I have loved to be apart of.

My favorite part of working with learners and families is that you get to be apart of something real and fluid. A problem today might not be tomorrow and tackling those issues with families week to week help create a bond and trust between you, the learner, and themselves that creates a foundation for a great relationship to learn and grow.”

Kathryn enjoys working out, going to the lake, and playing with her corgi, Churchill. She loves to read suspense novels: her current goal is to read 26 books this year. Napping is something she considers herself an expert at and sometimes hinders her reading goal. Her husband and her are fans of most anything on Netflix and in the fall and root strictly for the Buffalo Bills during football season. They regularly dress their dog in a bowtie.

Danielle Turner

Danielle has lived in Murfreesboro, TN her whole life. She previously worked filing insurance claims for Saint Thomas Rutherford Emergency room for almost 5 years.
“After my son’s diagnosis and speech regression I saw how much impact early intervention and these services could have early on for our children. I sought out information to learn more to better support my son. In that time I found a real interest and passion in ABA and reached out to TBAS to learn more and found an amazing group of people to work with and began training to become an RBT.”
Danielle tends to be a DIY’er and picks up all sorts of random projects to keep her busy in her free time.

Rachel Kuhn

Rachel is currently an MTSU student who is interested in becoming a speech therapist. She has worked in church settings with children with disabilities, as well as our summer recreation program.

“I chose this field to help give me a better understanding of behavior, which would help me to work with children more effectively.

I love the days that may be a little difficult, but we can still see progress. I love getting to watch as my kids grow and see the how the parents appreciate that growth as well.”

In her free time Rachel teaches music lessons, plays volleyball, and attends her classes, She enjoys cooking and watching the TV show Friends.

Mallory Briggs

Mallory moved to Manchester when she was 7 and has been there ever since. She has worked for Centerstone for over 5 years where she began as a case manager helping mentally disabled clients with daily living tasks, including connecting them with community resources. 2 years ago, Mallory transferred to the psychosocial education day program where she runs the program along with one co-worker for over 2 years. In this program she teaches life skills for recovery from mental illness ranging from mild depression to severe schizophrenia.

Mallory received her bachelor’s in Psychology with a focus on mental health treatment and minored in sculpture in 2011. She is currently enrolled in the ABA program with Capella online University and will attain her masters in ABA in March of 2018.

In her free time she enjoys drawing, painting, hiking, hula hooping, fire hooping, fire eating, fire breathing, and pretty much anything arts-and-crafty. She has recently found a passion for areal silks like they perform in the circus and hope to be able to pursue this more in the future.

Kathy Mosley

Kathy is a Specialized Structured Special Education teacher. She has worked as a tutor for students with special needs and has been teaching since 2009.

“I enjoy working with students that need just a little extra love and help to become successful individuals.

I love getting to know the new learner and talking with the family to help them with learning the strategies.”

In her free time Kathy enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, boxing, and yoga. She loves finding new parks to hike, traveling, and wants to travel to all 50 states. She is a big NCIS fan! Kathy has 3 dogs and would have more if she could afford them!

Stuart McLaren, RBT

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