What is ABA?

TBAS4Applied Behavior Analysis is the application of principles from the field of Behavior Analysis. Various procedures and techniques are utilized in combination with one another in order to produce socially significant behavior. ABA focuses on the application of research based interventions to increase many meaningful skills, including academics, communication, social skills, work skills, and daily living skills. There is also a focus on reducing problematic behavior and teaching alternative or “replacement” behaviors. All decisions are data driven and based on individual learner progress.

What does ABA look like?

ABA can look very different depending on the learner. Many people picture a child sitting at a table across from a teacher going over skills through discrete trials; this can be the case, however discrete trials are just one of the many techniques utilized in ABA. A typical session can include any combination of discrete trials, role playing, training peers and caregivers, or self-management strategies, just to provide a small sampling.

ABA can be completed in contrived or naturalistic settings. Many teams utilize a specified room within the home while others do most of the intervention and teaching out in the community and work settings.

So, what does ABA look like? It can look like almost anything! Overall, the decisions about what ABA will look like are specified to what will most benefit the learner and their families.

Can ABA help me/my child?

Absolutely! Anything that is behavior and can be observed can be improved through the use of ABA techniques. This includes both behavior that needs to be increased and behavior that needs to be decreased.

Your role as a parent/caregiver in an ABA program is essential; your own behavior in helping your child or loved one develop socially significant behavior can be strengthened through ABA techniques.

Is ABA covered by insurance?


Depending on your current insurance provider and plan, ABA services may be covered partially by insurance.

Tobenski Behavior Analysis Services, Inc. is very dedicated to bringing ABA to as many individuals and families as possible and will work with your insurance company to attempt to get financial assistance in any way possible.

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