We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services throughout the Middle Tennessee Area.

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Day program is intended for learners who are currently struggling with severe misbehavior AND/OR significant skill delays in their home, school, and community settings. ABA services are provided throughout the entire day, focusing on increasing communication, advancing independence & functional application of skills, and developing appropriate replacement behavior.

● If services are being provided for school-aged children, learners must be enrolled in a school setting in order to attend; typically that would include a homeschool or homebound setting. Day program is designed to focus on gaining additional skills to create a more independent, safer, and functional learner and is NOT an alternative to an academic school setting.


● Day Program runs from 8am-2pm, 8:30am-2:30pm, or 9am-3pm Mondays through Thursdays.

● If the learner is appropriate and would benefit, a social skills focus is offered on Fridays.

● Additional 1:1 service time can be added depending on skills being focused on and availability of technicians on any day, including weekends.

Home & Community

In-Home Services are intended for learners who are currently struggling with misbehavior AND/OR skill delays in their home settings.

 Our professionals will come to your home and work directly with you/your child.

● Our home services generally involve “teams” of technicians that will provide direct services. This helps to meet your availability but also works on generalizing skills across different people.

● Community trips and assistance in environments outside the home are included in Home services. If you would like for us to observe or assist in the grocery store, at church, playing at the park, etc., these are all options you should communicate to us!

● All teams are supervised by a BCBA/LBA level certificant.


● Home & Community Services are scheduled on an individual basis. We work with your availability for when it will be most beneficial for us to visit you.


School Services are intended for learners who are currently struggling with misbehavior AND/OR skill delays in their academic settings.

● School services typically need to be arranged with school or county administrations. We will assist you in communicating with your school to determine if services are an option.

● School services can look different depending on the type of support required; this may include working directly with your learner, helping to assist their teacher and staff learn about how to most successfully work with them, arranging the environment for success, etc.


● School Services are scheduled alongside school personnel to determine most beneficial days and times to complete services.

● Your Team Lead will be available to attend any school meetings, including IEP or 504 meetings, with your consent.

● If you are a school administrator inquiring about services, please fill out our Sign Up form (there is a spot for your information too!)   

  ● We offer multiple training options for school teams, including individual learner information sessions, RBT certification training, FBA/BIP completion, Teacher Skill Trainings, De-Escalation Trainings (not including physical restraint methods), and general observations and suggestions.