TBAS3Based on client needs, there are various assessment methods to determine the best course for future programming. Some of the assessments used include:

Functional Behavior Assessment

A collection of information, including direct data from observation in real time, that aims to determine the function of the behavior of concern by looking at factors that maintain the behavior.

Functional Behavior Analysis

Considered the most precise assessment tool for determining the function of the behavior of concern. This involves manipulating environmental factors to evaluate how different conditions effect the behavior of concern.


The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills – Revised is a comprehensive assessment of 544 skills in 25 skill areas. In addition to an assessment tool, the ABLLS-R also serves as a curriculum guide and skills-tracking system to help guide instruction for the learner.


The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program is a criterion-referenced assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skills tracking system. The baseline results of a VB-MAPP provide valuable information on developing language, communication, and social skills programs.

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